Michelle Keegan's new halo highlights are *seriously* stunning

Cassie Powney
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Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

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It's safe to say that Michelle Keegan is in my top ten of people I would gladly swap hair with. She may not be above Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian or Kate Middleton, but she's up there.

A natural brunette, the Our Girl actress is known for getting subtle colour tweaks rather than dramatic overhauls, unlike most of the celebs I write about on the reg. Remember when she first experimented with honey tones? Yeah, me too...

She's also braved a (temporary) fringe in the past, and kept herself busy during lockdown #1 by styling her hair into the most incredible ringlets. But other than that, her tumbling brunette locks remain pretty consistent (if I had it, I wouldn't change it either).

Her latest blink-and-miss-it hair tweak happened just before lockdown #2, when she visited colourist Calum Tierney for some beautiful face-framing highlights (or halo highlights, as we like to call them). He posted the look on his Instagram, referring to it as "colour contour," and Michelle happily posed for a video, adjusting her head so he could get a good shot of the final look.

Her dark chocolate locks were gently lifted using fine, warm highlights running through the front sections right through to the ends, which were blow dried into her signature bouncy waves. The technique is referred to as "contouring" (like the makeup technique), because the carefully placed highlights and shadows are thought to alter light reflections around the face, creating an overall flattering effect.

Photo credit: instagram/calumtierney
Photo credit: instagram/calumtierney

The compliments came thick and fast, with one fan commenting: "Veeeeery nice and chic馃憦", and another exclaiming: "I want hair like this!"

Don't we all, love. Don't we all...

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