Michelle Keegan appeals to women to have smear tests following her own: 'It is so important and so easy'

Sabrina Barr

Michelle Keegan has spoken about her experience of having a smear test, assuring women that they shouldn’t fear having the cervical cancer screening done.

Many young women avoid having cervical examinations due to body insecurities, according to recent research conducted by the charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

With approximately 3,200 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed in the UK every year, raising awareness about the importance and ease of having a smear test is essential.

Over the weekend, Our Girl actor Keegan decided to address her three million Instagram followers by detailing what it was like to have her cervical cancer screening done and revealing the embarrassment that she used to feel about the procedure.

“So smear’s been done. I was in the room for five minutes, on the bed for two, it was really quick, really easy,” she says in the video.

“It wasn’t painful at all, just a little bit uncomfortable.”

In the caption for the Instagram post, Keegan explains that she had previously ignored the letters that she’d received in the post reminding her to have her smear test.

“I used the excuse of being ‘too busy’ with work and life in general,” she writes.

“Let’s face it, it’s bloody embarrassing to drop your knickers and open your legs in front of a total stranger.”

While Keegan writes that she felt “apprehensive” prior to her screening, the brevity of the procedure made her realise that she’d had nothing to worry about.

“I know it can be daunting going for a smear, but these doctors and nurses do it every single day,” she says in the video.

“So ladies, I’m urging you to book in your smear, go and get it done and tell all your family and friends as well to do the same because it is so important and it’s so easy.”

Keegan also outlines in the caption how cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women under the age of 35, with some people experiencing no symptoms whatsoever.

Many people have been thanking the actor for her candid post and for spreading the word about cervical cancer and smear tests.

“Amazing that you are using your profile to raise awareness of such an important issue for women,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Well done Michelle hopefully more girls get booked in after seeing your post,” another person commented.