Michelle Heaton shares letter written by partner while in rehab

Michelle Heaton has opened up about her struggles with alcohol addiction during an appearance on ITV's Loose Women.She announced to the panel of hosts that she has now been sober for 13 months and also read out a letter written by her husband while she was in rehab.

Video transcript

MICHELLE HEATON: Watching you spiral like this has personally been very hard to deal with. I couldn't talk to my best friend, which was you. The last three years I've watched you spiral and turn into someone I don't recognize.

The strain that has been put on our relationship has been very demanding. I've been left embarrassed several times by the way you spoke to me in front of people, which was never you. You were always my biggest fan. Yet I found myself being the brunt of your anger, and having to shoulder that while also trying to help the kids navigate your new behavior.

Your addictive behaviors hurt me a lot personally, Chelle, and it's turned you into a liar. You've become someone who is very untrustworthy. Your behavior has robbed me of my wife and the kids of their mommy.

- Oh, God.

- Aw.

- Oh.

- Michelle.

MICHELLE HEATON: Oh, you know.

- Give her a hug. Amanda wants to give you a hug.