Michael Sheen: I never had fun with drugs

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Michael Sheen had a bad experience with drugs credit:Bang Showbiz
Michael Sheen had a bad experience with drugs credit:Bang Showbiz

Michael Sheen never had “fun” with drugs.

The 52-year-old actor has compared watching horror movies to consuming narcotics because they have always had a negative effect on him, so he’s always been “careful” with both.

Asked his favourite horror films, he said: “When I was younger, I didn’t like watching horror films because they would really affect me. I couldn’t enjoy it.

“It f***** my head up, basically.

“Which was pretty much the same with drugs – there wasn’t any fun aspect to any of that stuff for me, it just f***** my head up and consequently my life as well.

“So I had to be very careful around that stuff.”

Michael has actually developed an appreciation for scary films as he’s got older - although he’s not a fan of gory movies.

He told Total Film magazine: “As I got older, I did start to watch horror films and enjoy them

“But I’m more down the David Lynch route than I am the splatter-gory kind of thing.

“I like things that are full of dread. Because it reminds me of my life, probably.

“So I suppose ‘Eraserhead’. That really messed with my head in a way that I kind of liked.”

The ‘Prodigal Son’ star recalled how he once got into a fight with an “unhinged giant” on his way to dinner with fellow actor Sam Neill – but despite his dishevelled appearance, his pal didn’t ask him any questions about what had happened.

He said: “The last time I was in a fight was on the high street in Bristol, on my way to have dinner with Sam Neill.

“I arrived with my clothes torn off me, blood running down my face.

“And Sam Neill, because he’s a gentleman, just said, ‘Are you alright?’ I said, ‘Yes’, and he said, ‘Let’s have dinner.’

“He didn’t ask once, ‘What’s happened to you Michael?’

“There was an unhinged man screaming at me in the street.

“I realised too late that he was unhinged, and a giant, who had a set of golf clubs on his back.

“By the time I realised this was a bad idea, I’d already hit him.”