Mets manager gets ripped by fans after talking about team's injuries

The New York Mets aren’t known for handling injuries well. Over the past few seasons, the Mets have lost a ton of key players to the disabled list only to see them suffer numerous setbacks.

This season has been no different. The club is without outfielder Yoenis Cespedes due to a quad issue. Cespedes had a setback Saturday, causing reporters to ask manager Mickey Callaway about how the team handled the injury. It did not go well.

What happened?

Callaway told reporters the Mets wouldn’t be able to field a team if they were more cautious with injuries.

What did he mean?

There might be some truth in what Callaway said. Baseball is a grueling season. There are going to be games where guys are sore or don’t feel 100 percent. Sometimes, they play through it and hope things get better during the next off day.

But in the case of Cespedes, that excuse doesn’t fly. There was plenty of evidence he had been dealing with the issue for days, but the team didn’t do anything about it. He was taken out of games only to appear a few days later. Eventually, it got bad enough that he needed a stint on the disabled list.

What was the response?

As you may have guessed, people who follow the Mets are sick of hearing the same old story.

Are the Mets right?

It’s tough to give the team the benefit of the doubt at this point. Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, Cespedes, Noah Syndergaard and others have all experienced big injuries the past few seasons and failed to come back when the team originally predicted.

There’s plenty of evidence that the Mets don’t handle injuries well. Callaway’s quote might give us some insight into why that’s the case.

Mickey Callaway angered fans with his quotes about how the Mets handle injuries. (AP Photo)

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