Met Gala fans have a surprising favourite guest this year

This year's Met Gala held at Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC had all the celebs out in force, paying tribute to designer Karl Lagerfeld with some truly unforgettable looks.

From regular attendees like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna gracing the steps, to newcomers like Doja Cat and Blackpink's Jennie Kim making their first iconic appearances, the guest-list was truly a *dream* lineup, even if Blake Lively and Beyoncé were missing. Yes we're still crying about it.

However, there was one unexpected guest who effectively stole the show. We are of course talking about the viral cockroach.

Huh? A cockroach? At the Met? Yes, really. And no we're not talking about the guests dressing up as animals, although Jared Leto did look cool in his Choupette ensemble.

We are referencing a real life cockroach which managed to make its way on the red carpet and was photographed by photographer Kevin Mazur.

Mazur then posed with his picture of the insect for Variety's Twitter account and Variety also shared a clip of the cockroach sashaying down the runway.

The picture got everyone talking with some Met Gala fans calling it "the star" of the evening.

One person said: "Stunning. This one really understood the assignment."

Another joked calling the roach: "Best dressed."

Another said: "OMG SLAY."

However, for fans of the cockroach, we do have some upsetting news. Variety has confirmed the cockroach died at the Met Gala, after someone stepped on it.

In a statement released on Twitter they said: "It is with deep sadness that we must report the #MetGala cockroach was stepped on. #RIP."

Honestly, we don't know how we'll recover from this Met Gala tragedy.

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