New Menu Items Just Dropped! Subway Announces Teriyaki Sub (Plus a New Snack)

subway teriyaki sub
Subway Announces Teriyaki Sub (Plus a New Snack)Subway

The well-known smell wafting from your local Subway just got EVEN better with the launch of three new menu items for the sandwich chain this month.

Subway is launching two new Subs this January – the Teriyaki Steak and Plant-based Teriyaki Steak, plus the heavenly-sounding Cheesy Garlic Bites as a new snack. Yum.

subway cheesy garlic bites

Starting with sarnies, the new Teriyaki Steak Sub contains new and improved steak packed with vibrant pan-Asian flavours and is topped with a tastebud tingling teriyaki sauce. It’s customisable of course with cheese and vegetables of your choice, and it comes as the chain’s famous Footlong Sub, 6-inch, wrap or a salad.

Meat-free Subway goers shan’t be missing out either – the new Sub comes in a vegan version too, with plant-based steak created by The Vegetarian Butcher and Vegan CheeZe to boot.

What’s a lunch without a little snack on the site, eh? The new Cheesy Garlic Bites sound just the ticket. They’re packed with not one but two types of cheese: mozzarella and Emmental for that ultimate cheese pull. You can pick a sauce of your choice for dipping too, with Subway recommending sweet chilli (definitely a Delish-approved sauce choice…).