How This Men's Health Editor and Father of Two Shed Half His Body Fat

David Morton
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Being out of shape can sneak up on you. In my late twenties, I’d look in the mirror and assume I was only a few hard workouts away from peak athleticism. When I hit 30, I realised it was a lie, and I was hiding an extra chin under my beard. Who knew? My PT, Bobby Rich, knew.

His ethos of “train hard, eat right and face it head-on” suited me. Ten weeks later, I was wearing slim-fit shirts that hadn’t seen light in years, and I could shave without fearing what lurked beneath.

With early morning cardio and Saturday weight sessions, I’ve learned I can make fitness a habit without it eating into my personal life. This hasn’t been a quick fix; it’s been a revelation.

Workout #1: Eternal Flame

6 Times Per Week | Takes 20 Minutes | Level: Medium

Effective fat burning isn’t about working hard once in a while – it’s about working smart all of the time. Morton did his cardio before breakfast to spike his metabolism by 30%. A few minutes’ effort equates to all-day benefits...

Workout #2: Primed for Power

2 Per Week | Takes 40 Minutes | Level: Easy

If you’re starting from scratch, you need to build up to the big stuff. This session will condition your whole body for real strength gains. You’ll be a lean machine in no time.

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