Men are much more likely to die from coronavirus - but why?

Hannah Devlin Science correspondent
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    Since women give birth to babies which also creates the necessity to protect the unborn during pregnancy and the born via the mother's milk, it should be expected that nature provides women with a stronger immune system.
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    I thought schools are now teaching kids that gender differences don't exist.
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    No surprise as men have traditionally done jobs that affect their health and respiratory systems from dust and other contaminatants - How many women have silicosis or pneumoconiosis. Some women have developed secondary Asbestosis by handling the work clothes of men working with Asbestos and inhaling the fibres on their mans work clothes BUT the vast majority of Asbestosis sufferers are men. Smoke inhalation damage to the lungs from smoking is probably evenly split between men and women BUT men are far more likely to have suffered smoke inhalation damage through their work because the vast majority of men are firemen and welders (welding fume) or been on a burning plane in wartime - My father suffered severe lung function damage piloting his burning plane in early 1942 to land on the north sea - He was unfit to pilot a pane again BUT spent the rest of the war in South Africa training Anzac and South African Aircrew for the war against Japan.

    Men die earlier than women because they work in industries affecting their health and it is those health issues that is the cause of the higher death rate among men with Covid-19.

    I also imagine that there is also a significant difference between the death rates of industrial workers and professional men like accountants and lawyers who have longer life expectancies because of their working conditions.
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    Statistically female premature babies are significantly more likely to survive compared to male babies - it's long been known that, put in similar medical circumstances, females are, on the whole, more likely to survive.
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    Finally! Something to suggest that Man Flu is a real thing.
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    I am puzzled, are you now saying there are actually only two genders??
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    Very elaborate information in the article and has some real possibilities about the gender death rate. It is more than smoking culture.
    But we live in an age where the science has the tools to investigate much deeper into causes compared to 100 years ago.
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    Because women are STRONGER emotionally and psychological. Let's face it, a man would NEVER be able to cope with pregnancy & labour 😲.
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    Probably has to do with having male physiology; different genes, hormones. Perhaps greater metabolism and oxygen requirements due to larger bodies and greater muscle mass. The immune system probably works differently as well; women having lower reactivity (for pregnancy reasons) while men being evolved to react more aggressively to infection because evolved to hunt and fight and presumably better able to sustain wounds. Who knows... (I didn't read the article but the question is interesting. I didn't read the article because it's the Guardian and probably #$%$)
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    How many 'gender neutrals' are going to decide to be female now?