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I'm a professional organizer and these are the best Memorial Day storage sales — starting at $7

An organized pantry
Take our advice and even Marie Kondo will look at your house and be, like, 'Dang, that's organized!' (Photo: mDesign)

As an interior designer, I offer organization as one of my services. There's one key ingredient I always make sure is incorporated into my designs: storage, storage, storage. Organization is supremely important to the functional part of design. Without that, all your pretty furnishings can get lost amid everyday household clutter. Spring is the time for regeneration, and that means it's time to purge and get organized. How great, then, that Amazon is having some epic sales on a slew of decluttering products in honor of Memorial Day? Take advantage of these savings and (literally) get your house in order. I assure you, it's supremely satisfying.

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These BPA-free plastic containers allow for clear viewing of all your pantry staples — know at a glance when you're low on cereal and other dry goods. They also keep your food fresh with a snap of their easy-lock lids. On top of all that, they make you pantry look darn pretty! This set comes complete with 24 identifying labels. Save almost 60%!
$22 at Amazon
Bring some sanity to your kitchen drawers with this non-slip, antimicrobial knife mat. Not only does it keep things tidy, it keeps you and yours safe from sharp blades. BPA soft-grip plastic keeps the knives in line so they stay put. Mix it with other drawer organizers for clutter-free utensil storage.
$13 at Amazon
MDesign storage bins, created by professional home organizers, are versatile enough to use anywhere, but I like them for the fridge. Sort cheese, fruit, the kids' yogurt containers, and dang near anything else. Got a vegetarian/vegan in the house? Segregate your cold cuts and just pull out the whole bin when you're ready to make a sandwich. Save 17% on this 4-pack of the small size.
$38 at Amazon
Tired of stowing your pots and pans in the oven? Score a hefty 52% off this handy rack and get them stacked within your cabinets, the way they ought to be. No more fumbling for pots and lids, and you can grab what you need in a flash. Got a particularly fetching cookware set? Pop this on the countertop and just wait for the compliments.
Save $23 with coupon
$21 at Amazon


Ready to change your life? Treat yourself to some velvet hangers. These are narrow and lightweight and keep your closet looking as neat as your favorite boutique. No more thick mismatched hangers where your blouse slides off the plastic like it has a bad case of ennui. Swap them out for these svelte beauties and gain some space...and style.
$23 at Amazon
Bring some sanity to your sock, underwear or tie drawer and save 53% in the process. These four-inch-deep drawer organizers feature a canvas exterior and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Great for jewelry and makeup, too.
$23 at Amazon
Want to prolong the life of your precious shoes? Store them properly! These handy boxes will keep them free of dust and dirt, and from getting misshapen at the bottom of your closet. This stackable set of 12 can be configured to fit your storage space, and feature air holes to reduce odor.
$40 at Amazon

Anywhere storage

Save 34% on these go-anywhere, store-anything containers. This is the 44-quart variety, but they come in a variety of quantities as well as a 78-quart version. The beauty of these? They're stackable, foldable, and on wheels! Also: They open from the top or the viewing doors in front, which allows you to behold your neat and tidy handiwork. PS: This price reflects an Amazon Lightning Deal. (Translation: Act fast!)
Save $92 with Prime
$177 at Amazon
For those highly visible spaces, like living rooms, dens, and bedrooms, grab some of these attractive fabric baskets with leather-look handles. They'll hide your clutter, from toys to toiletries, with style. Use them on a shelf in your closet for an Insta-worthy look.
$27 at Amazon


DIYers know all about the importance of organization, and this compact organizer is perfect for the drill bits, nails, picture hangers, and various and sundry hardware doodads that can find themselves secreted away, well, everywhere. Put them all in one place and access them easily through hefty side latches. Removable compartments make this case versatile to different-sized items, so there's no wasted space. Just FYI: Father's Day is coming up fast....
$7 at Amazon

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