This Melting Percy Bomb Makes The Cutest Bright Pink Hot Chocolate

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So, it looks like summer 2021 is well and truly over then…

But we don’t mind because we actually love autumn. The colder weather means snuggly jumpers, comforting stews and, of course, hot chocolate.

The latest hot chocolate we’ve got our eye on is this one from Marks And Spencer. The Melting Choc Percy is a Percy Pig hot chocolate bomb and it’s adorable.

It’s a big pink chocolate Percy head filled with mini marshmallows; you simply pop it in your favourite mug and pour hot milk over it. As it melts, it turns into a pink hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. Yum!

According to @newfoodsuk, who shared photos and videos of the melting chocolate head on Instagram, the end result tastes just like Percy Pig sweets, so we’re thinking it’s strawberry-flavoured white chocolate.

You can buy the Melting Choc Percies from M&S stores now.

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