Will Mellor says Sarah Everard case 'made him sick'

Appearing on Lorraine, actor Will Mellor opened up about the preparation for his new crime series which saw him visiting the spot where Sarah Everard went missing.

Credit: 'Lorraine' / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

- Did it change, in any way, your attitude towards the police, or the job that they do, or just generally, particularly, women's safety?

WILL MELLOR: Women's safety, especially, because you put yourself-- in this series, I go to the scenes of the crime, I went to where Sarah was taken. And you know, it left me feeling quite sick to feel, walking down a busy street like she was-- she did everything right. She was on the phone to her boyfriend. She'd just been out for a bottle of wine with a friend and went to her friend's house. And to feel that she was taken on a busy road like that, and knowing it was a police officer, and-- she probably wouldn't have gotten in his car if it wasn't--

- No, indeed.

WILL MELLOR: But it's just-- yeah. To feel vulnerable as a woman, to walk in her footsteps, yeah. It did open my eyes to the safety of women, and also how vulnerable they must feel at times on their own, and stuff. So yeah. It was moments that stayed with me from what I've done, because as I said, I went down to the scenes of the crime, and I really went into the heart of the cases.