Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Shares Inspiration for Creating Healthy Habits That Last

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.<p>Craig Barritt/Getty Images</p>
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

We can always count on workout and wellness leader Melissa Wood-Tepperberg to inspire us wherever one’s well-being is concerned. The 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue rookie did just that with an Instagram post on Wednesday.

“This is not a diet, a fad, a trend or something to follow for a short period of time to experience short term torturous results,” she wrote in her caption. “This is about creating a lifestyle that you want to wake up and make a part of your life. Because it makes you and everyone around you better. No more following bulls--- trends that lead you to limited and temporary results. This is about making a choice with yourself to create long lasting transformation within. 🙏🏼.”

Alongside Wood-Tepperberg’s inspirational words that spoke to creating healthy habits that stick, she shared a reel of footage that showcased her practicing exactly what she preaches: meditation, nutrition and movement.

In a voiceover that accompanied the reel, Wood-Tepperberg pointed out that at the end of January, many people begin to stray from their newfound healthy habits. She noted that in order to stick with them long-term, consistency is key. “No matter where you are in the world, you bring this practice with you,” she stated. “It’s a way of life.”

“SO MUCH YES! Its a way of life 🫶🏽,” yoga teacher Neeti Narula concurred in the comments.

“Yessss! This way of thinking/living/ being has changed literally everything for me!”  someone else offered. “So thankful I found this practice 💗💗💗.”

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