Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Reveals the Secret to Maximizing Your Workout

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.<p>Jeff Spicer/Getty Images</p>
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Workout and wellness leader Melissa Wood-Tepperberg has cultivated a platform that is much more than just fitness routines. While her versatile and flexible exercises are great to add into your weekly movement, we are equally as grateful for her wellness tips and tricks. She has grown both her social media pages and her website around a holistic approach that focuses on doing what’s best for your body.

For Wood-Tepperberg, this means maximizing the time that you do spend on the mat working out. As a mom of two, she understands the need for exercises that don’t take a significant chunk of time out of your day, but are just as effective. She delivers this exact content in two ways: by crafting workouts that can be executed anywhere, anytime and by offering additional tips for making the most of your movement.

Recently, she took to TikTok to share one such piece of advice. For the New York-based yoga and Pilates instructor, the key is precision.

“POV you learned that you can achieve better results in a shorter amount of time if you focus on the precision of your movements,” she wrote on the short TikTok reel in which she demonstrated how she practices intentionality within her routines on the mat.

By taking the time to perform each movement correctly—rather than rushing through them as we are prone to do on the mat—you will automatically get more out of your routines.

“Skip the guesswork, embrace the precision,” she reiterated in the caption. “🕰️ Max results, minimal time - it's all about that intentional grind!”

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