Follow Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s Replicable Evening Makeup and Hair Routine For Your Next Night Out

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.<p>Alberto Tamargo/Getty Images</p>
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Alberto Tamargo/Getty Images

We know that many people have a go-to makeup routine, and while that’s all well and good, there are also many who haven’t quite perfected their glam process.

If that’s the case—or even if you are an expert—workout and wellness leader Melissa Wood-Tepperberg has a simple, replicable tutorial for you. We have always admired her nighttime glam, and now we can have it, too.

So, if you’re in a bind when it comes to your look, don’t fret. Follow her simple 12-step process for epic evening glam, as follows.

1. Apply foundation

Like the best routines, Wood-Tepperberg’s began by applying foundation. She used a powder version, which she applied on her face and cheeks with a small brush. A liquid formula would work just as well.

2. Contour

Using a creamy and buildable contour stick, the wellness leader applied contour beneath her cheekbones. Other prime locations to apply your contour include the top of your forehead and your jawbone.

3. Highlight

With a blender and a powdered highlighter, Wood-Tepperberg applied highlighter to the bridge and tip of her nose. You could also apply it to your cheekbones for an added glow.

4. Bronzer

For a glowy boost, apply bronzer to your cheeks and your jaw bone, just like the yoga and Pilates instructor did.

5. Primer

Next, she primed her eyelids using a liquid product and a wand. She spread it across her eyelids to prep them for eyeshadow.

6. Neutral base layer

The first step in her eyeshadow application began with a neutral layer. The tone is up to you and your skin tone, but the process is the same: apply across your whole lid.

7. Shimmery mid layer

Wood-Tepperberg then went in with a small brush and a shimmery gold tone to the mid-section of her eyelid and extended it to the outside corner.

8. Darkest layer in the outer corner

The last eyeshadow step involved applying her darkest brown tone to the outer corner of her eye. We’d like to note that the same three-step process would work with smokey eye shades. Follow the same steps with your best silver and gray tones.

9. Finish with mascara

Self-explanatory, but an important step. Wood-Tepperberg didn’t use eyeliner in this routine, but you could always add it to give your eyes a bit more definition.

10. Curl hair

If it wasn’t clear, here’s where she started in on the hair portion of her tutorial. Taking small sections of her hair, she wrapped it around her wand, curling pieces of hair toward her.

11. Brush it out for a natural look

Once she curled all of the sections, she ran through her hair with a brush to loosen the curls to make them appear more natural.

12. Finish with lip liner

Last but not least, she added lip liner, blended it and was ready for the night ahead.

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