Melanie C has started her ninth solo album

Melanie C has confirmed her next solo album is underway credit:Bang Showbiz
Melanie C has confirmed her next solo album is underway credit:Bang Showbiz

Melanie C has started work on her ninth solo album.

The Spice Girl - who is known as Sporty Spice in the 90s girl group - has been preoccupied with the writing and promoting of her memoir 'Who I Am', and can't wait to get back to work on the follow-up to her 2020 self-titled LP.

Speaking to the October 2022 issue of Retro Pop magazine, she said: "It's had to take a bit of a backseat because writing and promoting the book has been a lot more work than I anticipated. But I've done some sessions, there are some new songs and I've begun the process for the next album. Back in the day there was this cycle of writing, recording, promoting, touring. Technology has changed so much that now it feels like you can do everything at the same time. And music is my passion. Doing a book has been fun but if it keeps me away from music for too long I'm gonna get a bit bitter about it."

The 48-year-old pop star put pen to paper to document both the highs and "difficult lows” of fame for 'Who I Am', which shares a name with her 2020 solo single about embracing being both Melanie Chisholm and her alter ego Sporty.

The 'Northern Star' hitmaker details the "shaming and bullying" she has faced and her battles with her body image and mental health.

She said in a press release about the book: "It’s taken a long time to feel ready to tell my story. The past few years have given me an opportunity to reflect on the incredible career I’ve had and the huge obstacles I've managed to overcome. I’ve really enjoyed going back and reminding myself of the wonderful journey life has been so far. I’m very excited to share my experiences with you all."

The October 2022 issue of Retro Pop magazine is out now.