Reason Melania Trump wears sunglasses in public so often revealed

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
The reason why Melania Trump wear sunglasses so often may have been revealed [Photo: Getty]

Earlier this month (June 6), Melania Trump was branded “disrespectful” and “rude” by social media users for wearing sunglasses throughout the D-Day commemorations in France.

But keeping her shades on during the event, which she attended alongside French President Emanuel Macron and his wife, may have been a way of shielding herself from public scrutiny.

According to leading fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, the First Lady uses the celebrity staple as sartorial “armour” against online bullying.

“She tends to wear sunglasses and hats to shield herself from the public eye,” Karen explained to the Mirror Online. “As she's stated in previous interviews, she often feels as though she is being bullied.”

The First Lady was criticised for not removing her sunglasses during the D-Day commemorations on June 6 [Photo: Getty]

For example, during an interview with ‘Good Morning America’ back in October 2018, the 49-year-old famously said that she set up her anti-cyberbullying campaign because she is “the most bullied person in the world”.

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“I believe that the hat serves as armour of some sort,” Karen continued. “When she's looking out into the audience, she cannot see the entire crowd due to her sunglasses or her hat.”

Though it’s not the first time Trump has used her White House closet to shun the media spotlight.

The First Lady was mocked online for wearing a wide-brimmed hat during the French state visit in April 2018 [Photo: Getty]

In April 2018, Trump was heavily mocked online for wearing a wide-brimmed hat by Hervé Pierre for the French state visit with Twitter users comparing her to the likes of Jude Law in ‘The Young Pope’ and Beyoncé.

Yet despite the odd fashion faux-pas, there’s no denying that the First Lady knows how to make a diplomatic statement.

The First Lady paid tribute to London in a landmark-emblazoned dress by Gucci [Photo: Getty]

During her most recent trip to London alongside the US President in June 2019, she made sure to pay tribute to the capital through the likes of a £3,500 landmark-emblazoned dress by Gucci and a flight-ready blouse by British fashion house, Burberry.

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While the predominantly blue and white wardrobe she chose during the three-day state visit also conveyed a message of “integrity and trust” according to expert Dawnn Karen.

“Her wearing white is symbolic of integrity. I believe that is what she is trying to convey alongside the president,” Karen explained. “Also, she has hints of blue, which is for trust. It's this notion of integrity and trust, which is what she's trying to use to offset Donald Trump's remarks regarding particular individuals.”

So next time she’s spotted wearing sunglasses for a public engagement, there may be more to it than meets the eye.

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