Meghan wouldn't have been given any preparation for joining the Royal Family, says Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell says Meghan Markle wouldn't have been given any preparation for marrying into the Royal Family.

He tells Yahoo UK's 'The Royal Box:' "Would you believe there is no rule book, there is no etiquette lesson, there are no advisors. Nobody prepares people coming into the Royal Family. I think that’s where it’s gone wrong in the past. Not even Diana was given tuition into entering the Royal Family."

The only thing Meghan may have to be careful with in future is not to express her views or beliefs when it comes to issues that err on the side of being political, according to Burrell.

He says: “What comes with maturity is a set of beliefs and they don’t always sit well with the Royal Family. She [Meghan] has to toe the party line.”