Meghan Trainor Says Son Riley Wants a Cake of the Family Car for His Birthday: 'Has to Be Specific' (Exclusive)

The singer shares her two sons – Barry and Riley – with husband Daryl Sabara

<p>Meghan Trainor </p> Meghan Trainor and her sons, Barry and Riley

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor and her sons, Barry and Riley

Meghan Trainor already has some fun plans underway for son Riley's upcoming birthday.

While chatting with PEOPLE about her partnership with Nanit, a smart baby monitor and app, the singer and boy mom opened up about plans for son Riley's third birthday next month.

"Every time I want to try to plan something, I'm always like, 'Eh, germs and people, and I don't want to...He's not going to remember this one yet,' " admits Trainor. "But I do know that for a cake, he really wants it to be a car, a cake car."

"And it has to be specific. It has to be our white car that we have. So I am literally hiring this amazing cake creator to make our Rivian car into a cake."

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"I was like, 'What about Lightning McQueen car?' And he was like, 'No, white car,' " she laughs.

Trainor, who welcomed her second baby, son Barry, six months ago with husband Daryl Sabara, says that the transition to two kids was everything that people warned her about.

"Everyone was right," she affirms. "It's the same but doubled. And when you have two, there are no breaks as parents. With Riley, it was like, 'OK, I'll go get them, and you take a break.' Or, 'You go get them, and I'll take a break or I'll go shower,' moments like that."

"Right now it's like, 'Are you OK with both of them if I go pee?' There's a lot of hands on deck."

Though things are a bit chaotic, Trainor says that she has a lot of support.

"My mom's over every day, so that's great. My manager's over all the time, which are extra hands. My brothers live with me," she says. "We do have a nanny, too, in the week with us. So there's a lot of hands on deck, but it still feels overwhelming somehow. I'm like, two of them. But I do want four."

Luckily, the singer's been able to rely on Nanit, which she says "changed our lives" to help her check in on her little ones when she can't physically be in the room with them. Trainor created a bundle with the company which includes her favorite products, as well as her book Dear Future Mama.

Trainor and her husband will also be hosting a free Zoom call with Nanit to go through all their parenting essentials.

"There's other brands like this, but I've tried them all, and they weren't consistent, and they didn't work as well as this one," Trainor says of Nanit.

"And it's night and day when you have a device like this that works and is consistent and works on your phone so effortlessly. Especially when I'm working every single day, running around, I can see him no matter where I am. It's my life."

One thing the proud mom particularly loves about the device is the ability to check her baby's health stats.

"When your baby's moving, it literally tells you the oxygen levels," she says, referring to the device's ability to see a child's breaths per minute. "And I'm like, 'I'm a doctor, thank you!'"

As her two sons get older, Trainor thankfully doesn't have to worry about them getting along.

"He loves him," the musician says of her son Riley's affection for his younger brother. "I think he's confused still because when he's bloated from eating and drinking dinner, he goes, 'My big brother's in there.' And I'm like, 'No, that's not it. That's not what's going on.'"

"But we would try to be like, 'Remember when Barry was in my belly?' Because he would sing to my belly. And he loves him. And Barry doesn't have this reaction with anyone else, but when Riley's over him and smiling at him, Barry freaks out and starts laughing and looks at him already like, 'You're my hero.'"

"I'm like, 'I wish Barry looked at me like that!'" Trainor jokes. "He's obsessed with Riley."

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