Meghan McCain shuts down Twitter rando who says 'The View' co-host needs breαst-reduction surgery

The internet is a wonderful tool. We can connect with literally anyone in the world at lightning-fast speed. That said, sometimes y’all need to mind ya business.

Megan McCain, a co-host of The View. (Photo: Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)

Meghan McCain, a co-host of The View and daughter of Sen. John McCain, was the target of one woman’s unnecessary comment — one about McCain’s chest size, which, generally speaking, is no one’s business except the person who owns the breαsts.

The user tagged McCain and then said she needed a breαst reduction surgery. WHO SAYS THAT?! Out of all the things you could say about a person (and there’s a lot — she’s on The View, so you can always call her out on the commentary she shares on the show), this person chose to talk about her body parts?

However, McCain did have a pretty quick response to the Twitter rando.

Apparently, McCain’s husband has no problem with her ample chest size. Which is also … TMI. Would the world be a better place if Twitter didn’t exist? Sure, we’d miss out on memes, but did we need to know how McCain’s husband felt about what God gave her?

I know I’m uncomfortable.

McCain is married to Ben Domenech, a conservative writer, blogger, and television commentator. He is the founder and publisher of the Federalist, which naturally leans to the political right. The couple was wed in November 2017, so they’re are enjoying their honeymoon years.

However, for people who find it necessary to comment on other people’s bodies on social media, maybe it’d be breαst to keep it to yourself.

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