Meghan Markle's new undone beach hair is so goddamn cool

Kate Pasola
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Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images
Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

So, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has been laying pre-tty low recently.

Though her initial departure from the royal family was followed by a string of digital public appearances (which, by the way, gave me the perfect opportunity to obsess over her enviable hair) - in 2021 she's flown very much under-the-radar.

And not that it's about me, but all I've had to inspire me, hair-wise, during that time are the memories of her gorgeous hair looks, from glossy mermaid waves to dark caramel highlights to her super-long Cali hair.

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Until now, that is. This week Poet and educator Sheila J. Sadr hosted a poetry class online with a very special set of guests - none other than the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan.

And Meghan's hair looked noticeably different - still super voluminous, but also undone, textured and wavy - i.e., my actual dream hair?

The caption Sadr posted along with a screenshot of the appearance was also *so* inspiring:

"Everywhere I look, poetry has touched a mind, a heart, a community. On Saturday, I saw this in the way Meghan & Prince Harry (I’m sorry I’m not sure the proper way to address these lovely people) talked to my students—how they had learned their names, where they were from. How they engaged with their writing & their voices. How they validated their art, how they express themselves 💖 The impact is enormous..."

"Gratitude to The Duke & Duchess of Sussex & your staff for all the kindness & generosity of your time & energy to these kids. It was cup-filling for all of us & I know it’s something we will always remember 🙏🏽🌹"

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Don't mind me, I'm just signing up for poetry lessons as we speak...

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