Samantha Markle attacks sister Meghan for seeking 'fame and fortune' at expense of Royal Family

Harriet Brewis
Samantha Markle appeared on Jeremy Vine on 5 on Monday: Jeremy Vine on 5

Samantha Markle has hit out at her half-sister Meghan, accusing her of “ripping through the Royal Family like a tornado” and of “using” them to achieve fame and fortune.

Writing in The Sun, Ms Markle issued a scathing analysis of the Duchess of Sussex’s motivations, saying she had “sown discord” among her inlaws in pursuit of “international notoriety”.

In her comment piece, she refuted Prince Harry’s claim that he and his wife had taken the historic decision to step back from royal duties to secure a “more peaceful life” for themselves.

“Nothing about their actions so far suggest they truly desire a private life out the limelight,” she wrote.

“They have paraded themselves on the red carpet, tried to make deals with Disney, and become pals with the Clooneys and other A-list stars.

“Their objective is fame and fortune — to be Hollywood.”

Ms Markle said the couple’s decision to retreat from royal life “so soon after their fairytale wedding” had done “great harm”.

"Meghan knew the social requirements of joining the Royal Family. She should have asked herself if she was willing and able to behave in accordance with the expectations,” she wrote.

“Personally, I don’t believe she ever expected to fit in with the strict structures and traditions of the Windsor household,” she later added.

"The Queen, at 93, shouldn’t have had to face the stress of seeing her family torn apart.”

Samantha Markle praised the Queen for 'building bridges' (AP)

She went on to reject claims of racism against her sister, saying: “Her decision to leave is nothing to do with the behaviour of the royals, or race.

“Supporters who claim a racist element forced Meghan out are frustrated their hoped-for fairytale princess didn’t work out.”

Ms Markle not only criticised the duchess’s treatment of the royals, but also of their father Thomas.

Describing him as an “incredible dad”, she said Meghan had stood back and watched the media “taunt and torture him”, rather than defend him as “a true humanitarian would.”

Her words come after Mr Markle spoke out against his younger daughter and son-in-law, accusing them of “destroying” the monarchy and turning it into “Walmart with a crown on”.

The elder Ms Markle said in her comment piece that while she once loved her sister, she did not like “the person she has become.”

“I am worried that Meghan and Harry will never find true ­happiness,” she added.

“They could not find contentment with the Royal Family, will they be able to find it away from them?”

It comes after Harry broke his silence on the royal crisis on Sunday evening, saying that it was "with great sadness" he and Meghan were standing down from the royal family but there was "no other option".

The Duke of Sussex said he and Meghan had hoped to continue serving the Queen, the Commonwealth and his military associations, without any public funding, but this was not possible.

In his first public speech since the couple’s decision to step down as senior royals, Harry said he wanted his family to have a “more peaceful” life.

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