Meghan Markle 'wanted to be a global superstar with an HRH title' after quitting royal family

Meghan Markle "wanted to be a superstar" after stepping back from Royal duties with Prince Harry, a Royal expert has claimed.

The Sussexes bid farewell to their Royal roles in 2020 and relocated to the United States. Despite their stated desire for privacy, one expert suggests that the former Suits actress was actually seeking more time in the spotlight.

A Royal commentator pointed out that Meghan seemed more inclined towards a life under the public eye, unlike Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie who have chosen a more "quiet" existence.

Jane Barr, writing in the From Berkshire to Buckingham newsletter, argued that the concept of Harry and Meghan being "half in, half out" in terms of their Royal responsibilities simply wouldn't have been feasible.

The Nigeria trip was Harry and Meghan's first international tour since they left their royal roles
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped back from their roles as senior royals in 2020 -Credit:Getty Images for The Archewell F

She suggested: "She [Meghan] would not have been happy with the ultimately quiet or truly independent/non-royal lives that William and Harry's cousins actually live. Looking back to Megxit, Harry was not just the grandson of the Queen, the same relationship all his cousins had to the sovereign, he was the son of the future King."

"William and Harry were - from birth - preeminent royals, while their cousins, although celebrated, surely, began as secondary royals and only continued to fade as the years went by. Harry seems so bitter about being the spare, but he has always been quite senior to his cousins, and treated accordingly.", reports the Mirror.

Harry and Meghan could be in hot water with the government if they continue to stage their quasi-royal tours
The Duke and Duchess originally hoped for a 'half in, half out' approach to royal life -Credit:Getty

She continued, explaining that Harry and Meghan's case stands out because, unlike Beatrice and Eugenie who have regular jobs without flashy, high-profile deals, "Meghan wanted to take her HRH and her title and be a superstar in her own sphere on the international stage," Barr remarked, highlighting that Meghan aimed for a role "wholly separate from the control of the Crown."

As part of their lucrative Netflix deal, both Meghan and Harry are immersed in creating content. Meghan is currently working on a lifestyle and cooking series, while Harry is developing a documentary about his beloved sport, polo.

Reports suggest that production for Meghan's programme has started in Montecito, and cameras have also been seen at polo matches that the Duke has participated in over the past few months.

The couple recently enjoyed three days in Nigeria
The Duke and Duchess recently returned from a trip to Nigeria -Credit:AP

The comments come after royal expert Duncan Larcombe claimed Meghan is stealing the show from her husband - a narrative which plays into Harry's preference to being "second fiddle".

He explained to OK!: "Meghan is a very strong character, very driven, extremely ambitious, and those are the kind of characteristics that mean she will almost always inevitably outshine Harry and grab the attention from him. Harry is entirely in her shadow. But he's never really been at ease with the attention, he's never really enjoyed it. Whether it's deliberate or not, Meghan is definitely a magnet for attention.

"Although we saw a huge amount of money spent on her combined outfits for Nigeria so maybe it's not a complete accident that she steals the limelight. Their Nigeria trip was 'The Meghan Show' and Harry was the side."