Meghan Markle Is Reportedly ‘Protecting Her Peace’ by Skipping Coronation

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Meghan Markle Is Reportedly ‘Protecting Her Peace’ by Skipping Coronation

Omid Scobie, the royal reporter who co-authored the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry biography Finding Freedom, gave an extensive interview on ITV’s 'This Morning' on Wednesday. In the interview, he addressed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's coronation plans and how the royals feel about Meghan not attending. Harry will be 'in and out' for Charles' coronation ceremony Saturday, while Meghan will remain in California, where she will be celebrating their son Archie's fourth birthday.

From what Scobie has heard from his sources, there's more to the decision than just Archie's birthday. 'People around the Sussexes guided press at the time that this was very much about Archie’s fourth birthday. I disagree with that to some extent because I also know from friends of hers that she’s protecting her peace as well,' Scobie said. 'She is aware of how much of the spotlight goes on her when she sets even a foot near the story. And I think a lot of that, although it’s often portrayed as intentional that she wants to steal the spotlight, but in this case, [if] she had simply come over and stood next to her husband, I would imagine the commentary and the narrative on the day would be very different for the days to follow.'

Scobie also mused on the idea that some royals might be happy Meghan won't be around. 'I would say so [that some members of the family are quite relieved Meghan isn’t going],' he said. 'And I would put it down to the fact that so much of the attention then goes on someone who they would rather the attention didn’t go onto. And if you look back at some of Harry and Meghan’s biggest problems, it was all down to the fact that everyone was always talking about them, the attention was always on them at times when it shouldn’t have been.'

As for Harry, Scobie reckons he really won't be there for long: 'Sources close to Harry say that it’s in and out, to attend the ceremony and do what’s asked of him. I believe that he’s open to the fact that if something’s asked of him on the day then that could change things, but the timing of the trip, he’s keen to be back in California with his own family as well. It’s sort of juggling the two families, really.'

You can watch Scobie's full interview below:

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