Meghan Markle knows key move would bring in 'millions' but King Charles 'filled with horror'

Meghan Markle is aware of a significant move she could make that would "sell millions" and bring in a substantial amount of money - but the idea reportedly fills King Charles with dread.

This is according to a Royal expert, who suggests that the Duchess of Sussex is fully aware that a memoir about her time as a member of the British Royal Family would be a bestseller. However, royal author and commentator Tom Quinn told The Mirror that the thought of Meghan writing a revealing memoir - possibly with contributions from Harry - allegedly fills the King with horror.

Tom stated that King Charles "is not in a forgiving mood" and Prince Harry is "in no mood to apologise".

Prince Charles with his sons, William and Harry
Tom claimed King Charles "is not in a forgiving mood" and Prince Harry is "in no mood to apologise". -Credit:Getty Images

Following the release of his memoir Spare in January 2023, where Harry confessed to leaving out content with enough material for a second book, tensions have escalated. Tom said: "For all her efforts to make a success of her new online business, America Riviera Orchard, Meghan knows that a personal memoir of her time in the UK as a working royal would sell millions of copies and make her the sort of money she craves."

He further commented: "She is also acutely aware that such a book would only boost traffic to her new online business. All this fills King Charles with horror because Harry is bound to be a major contributor to the book. And we know there is a lot more material. After the publication of Spare, Harry himself said he had enough material for two books. With all this hanging over his head, Charles is not in a forgiving mood."

The couple attend an event in Abuja
Meghan is said to be acutely aware that the move could bring in a great deal of money -Credit:Anadolu via Getty Images
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
The couple recently returned from a trip to Nigeria -Credit:Getty

"If Harry were to say to his father and brother, 'Look I've gone too far. I'll stay quiet now and there will be no more embarrassing revelations,' it might be different. But Harry is in no mood to apologise like his wife, he still believes that all the apologies need to come from his family."

The comments come after royal expert Duncan Larcombe claimed Meghan is stealing the show from her husband - a narrative which plays into Harry's preference to being "second fiddle".

He explained to OK!: "Meghan is a very strong character, very driven, extremely ambitious, and those are the kind of characteristics that mean she will almost always inevitably outshine Harry and grab the attention from him. Harry is entirely in her shadow. But he's never really been at ease with the attention, he's never really enjoyed it. Whether it's deliberate or not, Meghan is definitely a magnet for attention.

"Although we saw a huge amount of money spent on her combined outfits for Nigeria so maybe it's not a complete accident that she steals the limelight. Their Nigeria trip was 'The Meghan Show' and Harry was the side."