Meghan Markle just nailed this karaoke favourite and here’s why Prince George might be impressed

 Prince George and Meghan Markle split layout
Prince George and Meghan Markle split layout

Meghan Markle has nailed this karaoke favourite 'word for word' and here's why her nephew Prince George might be impressed.

When it comes to looking for things to do with the kids, singing karaoke could well be a great shout, particularly if they like sport or have a favourite musician.

We've all been that person or have known someone who completely sings the wrong words during a sing-a-long anthem so what better way than to learn the lyrics and impress friends by singing the correct words to classic hits next time there's a party.

The Duchess of Sussex was spotted in the crowds at the Invictus Games alongside her husband Prince Harry and, as they settled down to watch the swimming finals in Dusseldorf, Meghan surprisingly joined in with the audience in singing American Singer-songwriter Neil Diamond's hit Sweet Caroline.

One fan shared a video clip of Meghan singing along to the track -  an anthem that is famously sung in the crowds at major sporting events.

The fan captioned it, "Meghan knows it word for word" and added, "We saw her at Beyoncé! Our girl knows lyrics."

And others have commented on the clip., One wrote, "Go Meghan. Go Meghan."

While another put, "The caption is cute. It is one of the most popular songs in the US for sports teams / bars / just generally speaking."

So you could say it's a big deal and you can watch the clip below...

But it's not just fans who might be impressed with Meghan knowing all the song lyrics.

Her nephew Prince George is a fan of Aston Villa and there's been much debate about Sweet Caroline’s origins as a sports anthem, with some Aston Villa fans taking to social media to claim it as their own, according to Birmingham Live.

So with the song being chanted many times at matches, it's likely that Prince George will be familiar with the words as he's been spotted a couple of times watching the team play alongside his father Prince William.

Prince George, Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince George, Prince William and Kate Middleton

And that's not all, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince William were seen singing and swaying along to the song as at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee concert as Rod Stewart sang his version of the hit, which was reportedly the Queen's favourite.

Prince George nailed the "bom, bom, bom" part.

Meanwhile, at the Invictus Games Prince Harry appeared less confident and chose to simply clap along before dropping the moves altogether to chat to an athlete.

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