Meghan Markle could adopt this Princess title under royal protocol

In light of the bombshell claims made in Netflix's Harry & Meghan docu-series, and with Prince Harry's much-anticipated memoir just weeks from release, there's been renewed calls from royal fans for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to have their last remaining titles stripped.

To recap, after their decision to step down as senior working royals in 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were banned from using their Sussex titles commercially, although they still technically have them, as well as their HRH titles – with critics now saying these should be removed too.

But, according to Ingrid Seward, the editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, Meghan could well be on her way to adopting a Princess title, which we're pretty sure trumps Duchess anyway, right?

Speaking on the Royal Beat podcast, Seward explained that royal protocol dictates that Meghan could take the Princess title followed by her husband's first name, which is actually Henry, not Harry.

meghan markle could adopt princess title under royal protocol
Joshua Sammer - Getty Images

"I don’t think anything will happen to the titles because, if they lose their titles, Harry is still a prince of the blood and Meghan, instead of being the Duchess of Sussex, [would] be Princess Henry," the royal expert revealed.

Although Harry has never used Henry in his titles – instead going by his nickname since childhood – Meghan could still adopt this name if her title changed. Similarly, when Kate Middleton married into the Royal Family, her title could have been Princess William – although she's now the Princess of Wales.

Nevertheless, Seward thinks a title change for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex isn't necessary. "The Queen gave them the titles, let them keep them – they’re going to be 'H' and 'M’ anyway," she said, adding that the "best thing" is to "let them get on with it – which is really what the Palace and the Royal Family are doing."

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