The Meghan Markle approved hair trick designed to make you look younger

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
The Duchess of Sussex is famed for her signature messy bun [Photo: Getty]

When the Duchess of Sussex stepped out in Brixton for her second public engagement alongside Prince Harry, every last inch (and accessory) of the former actress’ outfit was decoded.

But it wasn’t just her sell-out Marks and Spencer’s knit which graced the headlines, Meghan’s messy bun also proved to be a major talking point.

The Duchess of Sussex debuted her now-signature messy bun on her second public engagement in Brixton [Photo: Getty]

In a royal household fronted by polished curls and the Duchess of Cambridge‘s infamous blow dry, Meghan’s messy bun (tendrils and all) came as quite the surprise.

But it turns out, there’s more to the fashion-forward style than meets the eye.

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The wispy look is actually one favoured by the industry’s elite in recent months (think Victoria Beckham, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid) and it’s a five-minute styling trick guaranteed to knock years off your age.

Victoria Beckham’s tendrils demonstrate that the style is Fashion Week-approved [Photo: Getty]

In an interview with The Telegraph, London-based hair stylist to the stars, Luke Hersheson, gave the lowdown on this season’s most-asked-for look – effortless tendrils.

“They act in the same way that groomed eyebrows do,” he explained. “They create a frame that accentuates your cheekbones and gently softens your jaw line, especially when the pieces have a soft, wavy texture.”

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“Putting your hair up can look severe, and so a couple of pieces of hair that fall either side of your face is more forgiving,” Hersheson added.

The Duchess of Sussex even tied the knot with her hair in a low wispy bun (tendrils and all) [Photo: Getty]

But how can the royal wedding-worthy look be recreated at home?

Those with a long hairstyle should ask for a few “invisible layers” the next time they sit in the hot seat, he recommends. “That way, when you wear your hair up, they naturally fall at exactly the right length to frame your features,” he explained.

While those with locks which sit just below the shoulders should ask for jaw-skimming tendrils – tuck the rest of your hair into the nape of your blazer for blogger-worthy style.

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Most recently, royal fans may have noticed that the Duchess of Sussex has given her signature messy bun a more polished finish by curling the wisps which fall by her face.

For a Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House on March 11, 2019 the Duchess of Sussex opted for more polished tendrils [Photo: Getty]

To achieve the palace-approved look, Hersheson advises scraping your hair into a casual ponytail or low-swept bun before using a wide barrelled tong to create a slight kink in the layers cradling your face.

“The idea is for the tendrils to look as if they’ve been tucked behind your ears for a few hours, not to look curly,” he adds.

So forget hair barrettes and the ’90s headband revival for one moment and give this season’s most coveted trend a whirl. Meghan is sure to approve…