Meghan King says she's no longer showing her kids' faces on social media

Meghan King will no longer share her kids' photos on social media. (Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)
Meghan King will no longer share her kids' photos on social media. (Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images) (Dia Dipasupil via Getty Images)

Meghan King is making a new parenting resolution for 2023.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star, 38, took to Instagram on Wednesday to share photos of her three children — daughter Aspen, 6, and twin sons Hart and Hayes, 4 — whom she shares with ex-husband Jim Edmonds. King put emojis over each of her kids' faces or obscured them with objects in the photo. She captioned the post, "For 2023: I'm staying focused. No more showing my kids' faces. No more filters, ever. Boundaries, grassroots efforts, femininity, deleting and blocking a**holes who troll my page: my promises to myself and to you this year."

King also instructed her followers to read her blog, where she detailed the reasons she was no longer sharing these images in a post titled "Burn Baby Burn."

"My children's images were used against me as an intimidation tactic recently. The thought of using the images of my innocent children to attempt hurt their mother is… I dont know if there's a word to describe the depth of the disgust that incites inside me," she wrote. "But I am lucky here, I have complete legal control over the use of their images and I'm putting an end to that."

She added that her kids are now "individuals."

"When they were babies they felt like another appendage of mine, but now they feel unique and I love watching them spread their wings," King continued. "One likes the limelight, one hates the limelight, and one doesn't know what to think. But they're just kids and they don't really understand what notoriety means so I am going to insulate them from it until they are old enough to be slowly ushered back in if they so choose. Poof. Bye bye Aspen, Hayes, and Hart's faces from the public eye from this day forward."

King has previously been open about personal aspects of her children's lives on her blog. In October 2020, she shared that her son Hart was diagnosed with hypotonic cerebral palsy.

"I expected it to hit me hard," she wrote of the diagnosis. "But it didn't. It didn't hit me hard at all. In fact I felt relieved. Think about it this way: it was as mundane as going through life every day without putting the lid on the toothpaste and then finally, I got to put the lid on. That's how simple and right it felt."

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