How Meghan and Harry's second baby will fit into the royal family

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Photo credit: Samir Hussein - Getty Images
Photo credit: Samir Hussein - Getty Images

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We love a royal baby! Well, given the current pandemic, good news can feel scarce so celebrating new life is a must. Right? This time around, it's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who have announced a pregnancy, making their one-year-old son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, a soon-to-be big brother.

Already, speculation is rife as to when Meghan's due date might be and as to how their second child will fit into the royal family e.g. where will they sit in line to the throne and will they have an official fancy royal title? While the former is something only the Duke and Duchess of Sussex know (along with whichever close friends and family members they've opted to share that intel with), we can give some pretty educated responses as to the latter two questions.

In terms of throne succession, Harry is at present sixth in line – behind his father, Prince Charles, then his elder brother, Prince William and William's three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Archie, despite having no royal title (his parents decided to forgo the Queen's offering of Earl of Dumbarton following his birth) is still seventh in line for the job. Meaning, the new Sussex child will be eighth in line.

Photo credit: PAUL GROVER - Getty Images
Photo credit: PAUL GROVER - Getty Images

On the subject of titles, as mentioned, Archie was never assigned one at birth, so it's unlikely that Meghan and Harry will give their second child a title either. It's believed their decision to keep Archie sans earldom was part of their plan to step down from their senior royal roles and start a new, more private life overseas – something they've well and truly achieved.

To that note, the new Sussex baby will also likely be born in California, where the family currently resides in Montecito, making them the first royal to be born abroad in over 90 years (with Prince Philip being the most recent example of this happening; he was born 10 June 1921 in Corfu, Greece). By default, this will automatically make them an American citizen – further cementing Meghan and Harry's roots in the good old US of A.

Here's wishing Meghan a very happy and healthy pregnancy! We look forward to hearing about any more details the couple may choose to share.

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