Meghan, Duchess of Sussex studied for U.K. citizenship test

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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex studied for the U.K. citizenship test before she moved to California with her husband Prince Harry.

After the former Suits actress got engaged to the British royal in November 2017, it was announced that the American would become a U.K. citizen following their marriage in May 2018.

In the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast, Meghan revealed to her guest, actress Pamela Adlon, that she studied for the citizenship test and found it very difficult.

"That citizenship exam is so hard. I was studying for it and I remember going: 'Oh my goodness.' I would ask my husband, 'Did you know this? Did you know this?' And he went, 'Oh, I had no idea,'" she recalled.

Pamela, who became a British citizen in 2020, joked, "I think they made it harder for you. They were like, 'We're gonna really throw up walls on this one.'"

Meghan did not reveal if she ever took the test before she and Harry quit as working members of the royal family in 2020 and moved to her home state of California.

People applying to become a British citizen must first take and pass the "Life in the UK" test to prove they have adequate knowledge of the English language and British customs, history, culture, politics, laws, and the royal family.

The latest episode of Archetypes, which was released on Tuesday, also featured appearances from Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and comedian Sam Jay.