Megan Roup’s Relationship Advice Is Simple, Yet Powerful

Megan Roup.<p>Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images</p>
Megan Roup.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Fitness instructor Megan Roup has built up a platform that provides much more than just workout routines. In addition to her incredible movement content, she has geared her social media accounts toward promoting total wellness—both in mind and body.

Her posts include workouts, of course, but also her best advice on all things physical and mental health. The content includes tidbits from her personal life, which, for the past few years, has been especially busy. The exercise coach had her first child in 2021, and she and her husband, Morgan Humphreyjust welcomed a second baby in September. So, in addition to her typical wellness content, Roup has been taking her followers along on her parenting journey, as well.

This, of course, means updates on her own personal postpartum journey. It also means that she has been offering her best relationship advice based on her own experience of marriage and parenthood. The mom of two recently shared an Instagram reel of a sweet moment between her husband and their older daughter, Harlow. “pov: you used to think you were asking for too much, but you finally realized you were just asking the wrong people,” she wrote on the video.

The cute video served as the basis for her biggest piece of relationship advice. “This is your reminder to never settle,” she wrote in the caption. “Your person is out there🫶🏼.”

Roup’s encouraging words are just the latest in a string of tidbits that she has shared about her own journey to find her now husband. And, given how happy they seem, her advice is certainly worth heeding.

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