Megan Fox just brought back this divisive hair trend

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Megan Fox is taking us back to our youth (aka circa early 2000s) when everyone wore their hair in a deep side part. MySpace flashbacks, anyone? And just when we thought the Millennial vs Gen Z war (or so they put it on TikTok) had died down, too. Gahhh.

If you're not 'in the know' with what's happening on BeautyTok ATM, then let me fill you in on this very topical debate. To put it quite simply, the 2022 on-trend hair part is to wear your locks divided down the centre of the head. Whereas back in the good ol' days, the big 'thing' used to be wearing your hair parted farrrrr on the side of the head – and I mean so far to the point where a part was hardly visible. Combover vibes, IYGM.

Now, Adele – aka a millennial – switched over to team middle parting not too long ago with a hairstyle that had us fully convinced on the look. However, it seems we may have judged too soon as Megan Fox has only gone and put up a strong case for the other side. And I mean that quite literally – as in, the other side part...

Take a look at her latest 'do below:

As you can see, "all hands [were] on deck" for this look with Ash K Holm on Meg's makeup glam and Dimitris Giannetos on her bouncy tresses. Admittedly, the haircut was the first thing we noticed but when taking a second glance (with the help of this TikTok), we noticed that her hair has been styled just as it did way back when.

IDK about you but I don't need much more convincing after seeing this sophisticated look. Back to the side part I go!

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