Megan Fox had the most Megan Fox response to MGK break up rumours

megan fox shuts down machine gun kelly break up rumours in most megan fox way
How Megan Fox shut down Machine Gun Kelly rumoursArturo Holmes - Getty Images

Megan Fox has shut down rumours she and Machine Gun Kelly have broken up in the most Megan Fox way possible.

Earlier this month, speculation that the pair had gone their separate ways began when fans noticed she wasn't wearing her engagement ring in a new selfie. The couple - who got engaged in January - also hadn't been photographed together in weeks, which seemed suspect given their usual PDA antics.

In the photo in question, Megan wrote "Pick me energy 🖤🌙," in the caption, leading fans to comment "Where's your ring?" Others pointed out that MGK had supposedly designed the ring so that it would "hurt" to take off. Discussing his proposal back in January, MGK told Vogue, "The bands are actually thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts…" - raising even more questions over why Megan might have decided to remove the band if not for a big reason.

Now, though, Megan has expertly shut the speculation down with a single Instagram post, while also sharing a little love note on his social media profile. "Karma," she wrote alongside kissing photos of them, before adding on similar photos shared to MGK's profile:

"Never has anyone with better bone structure walked the earth Exquisitely, devastatingly handsome. And 6 foot 5? Kill me or get me pregnant. Those are they only options."

Sorry but has a more Megan Fox comment ever existed? You OK hun? You've barely touched your pop punk cliches today.

megan fox shuts down machine gun kelly break up rumours in most megan fox way

At the time of writing, the comment had over 3,000 likes and 190 replies, and yeah, it looks like these two are stronger than ever.

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