Megan Barton-Hanson vows to never have plastic surgery again

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Megan Barton-Hanson has ruled out getting any more plastic surgery.

The Love Island star first went under the knife when she had her ears pinned back at the age of 17, and she has subsequently undergone various cosmetics procedures including two boob jobs, rhinoplasty, fillers, and Botox.

However, she has now insisted that she is done with surgery as she has a new confidence in herself thanks to therapy.

"I've learned that surgery is no substitute for working on your mental health or self-esteem," she wrote in Grazia magazine. "I'm really content and happy with myself right now, so I'm not looking to have anything else done."

The 27-year-old explained to The Sun that the surgery didn't make her love herself or boost her self-esteem as much as she'd hoped.

"I honestly thought that when I had my ears pinned I would change as a person and have the confidence I've admired in so many strong women. But that was so far from the truth," she confessed. "Instead, my insecurities led to me having even more work done.

"The surgery helped me diminish the obsessive nature of my insecurities, but while it made me feel happier when looking in the mirror, that's just surface level."

She insisted therapy, not surgery, has made her love her appearance, adding, "The confidence I have now is a result of therapy, learning how to speak kindly to myself and seeing women of all ages, shapes, and sizes love themselves."

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