Megan Barton-Hanson hopes Love Island contestants have sex

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Megan Barton-Hanson has advised this year's Love Island hopefuls not to hold back and have sex with fellow contestants who catch their eye.

The British model, who reached the final of the reality show in 2018 alongside beau Wes Nelson, believes that this year's edition of Love Island - which begins on ITV2 on Monday evening - will provide some much-needed relief amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

And she doesn't wants the new Love Islanders to hold back when getting amorous, telling The Sun it would make for "great viewing".

She added: "Some people take the easy route and want to be liked by everyone. I kissed probably half the boys in the villa before I decided it was Wes I wanted to be with.

"It's not nice to read the comments afterwards. But if you're getting with someone you can see yourself falling in love with, it's irrelevant.

"You're in that honeymoon stage, in your little bubble together and it matters less if you're hated. It did with me, anyway."

The star admitted that she had no qualms about pursuing Wes while he was dating fellow contestant Laura Anderson, and advised those who fall for someone to go for it, even if they are coupled up with someone else.

"If there's someone they fancy but that person is already in a couple, then instead of following their heart, they miss their chance because they don't want to be seen as a bad person. You've got to be a bit selfish."

And she said women shouldn't worry about being stigmatised for having sex.

"People had strong opinions about me because I went for what I wanted," she explained. "I didn't hold back. Men have it so easy. There is still so much stigma around women even saying they enjoy sex, let alone doing it on national TV.

"I hope it doesn't stop the girls there this year from living their life. Sex is a natural part of life. Yet we still see the stereotype in films that men love sex and women just do it for the husband on their birthday.

"When Wes and I were interviewed afterwards, I would always be asked if I regretted having sex on TV and if my parents were embarrassed. They didn't ask Wes. It's as if people wanted me to be ashamed, but I'm not going to be."

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