Meet the Semi Finalists For Grazia’s Fashion Blogger of the Year!

Meet the Semi Finalists For Grazia’s Fashion Blogger of the Year!

Remember last month when we launched our Fashion Blogging Masterclasses at the Apple store in London’s Covent Garden? Well, naturellement, we had to follow that up with a competition to find the Grazia Fashion Blogger of the Year.
We asked you to write a post on the subject of Fashion As It Happens (it’s the Grazia Daily mission statement, dontcha now).
And of course, we had an avalanche of entries.
So just in time for London Fashion Week, we selected three semi-finalists, to battle it out for the honour of being Grazia Fashion Blogger of the Year.
And you can read their entries here:
The lucky bloggers on our short-list are…
Aelrid Turner of the Olive Collar blog

Polly Allen of My Soul Is Raining Clothes blog

Sheree Millee of the Glitz N Grime blog

The lucky fashion bloggers trekked to the capital this morning from all over the UK: from Glasgow, West Sussex and Leeds to sit in the FROW of Holly Fulton’s Autumn/Winter 2012 catwalk presentation.
And, as if that weren’t exciting enough, our semi-finalists were given an extra-special prize of an Apple iPad each. Oh, and a copy of Grazia’s brand new and gigantic 264-page fashion issue, of course.
The three fashion bloggers have now been set the task of writing Grazia Daily’s show report from Holly Fulton’s (gorgeous) presentation, on their iPads. The three reports will be posted on Grazia Daily tomorrow for your feedback!
So please check back tomorrow so that you can read their reports and vote on our three bloggers’ fashion writing skills. The writer of the winning show report will be Grazia’s Fashion Blogger of the Year !

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