Meet the Phryges: Organisers of Paris 2024 Olympic Games unveil mascots

Paris 2024/Cover Images

With just over 600 days to go before the opening of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024, the French organisers have unveiled the event's mascots.

The two main mascots are based on Phrygian caps, an icon of the nation since they famously emerged as a uniform of the masses in 1790, during the French Revolution. To this day, the national personification of France, Marianne, is shown wearing a red Phrygian cap.

The pair are called The Phryges (pronounced fri-jee-uhs). Individually known as the Olympic Phryge and The Paralympic Phryge, the duo were unveiled at a ceremony in Saint-Denis on Monday.

The two mascots share a motto: "Alone we go faster, but together we go further." Paralympic Phryge has a prosthesis and a racing blade, making it a role model for many and giving maximum visibility to people with disabilities.

Paris 2024 president, Tony Estanguet, said: "We chose an ideal rather than an animal. We chose the Phrygian cap because it's a very strong symbol for the French Republic. For French people, it's a very well-known object that is a symbol of freedom."

In addition to the main two Phryges, there's a whole family of Phryges marking different types of events.

"They are the two main characters in a large tribe, they're part of the family of Phryges," explained Paris 2024 Brand Director Julie Matikhine. "According to our narrative, they have existed for thousands of years and were present during several key events in French history. Now they have returned for this big event in France to lead a mission of revolution through sport. The aim is to show that sport can change everything in society. The objective is to show that sport and its values can do great things. It's about fraternity, solidarity and it helps society grow."