Meet Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Filing: The Holiday Mashup We Didn't Know We Needed

Fluffy, comforting, and easy—what’s not to love?

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When it comes to traditional Thanksgiving side dishes, we have our favorites. Nothing says comfort food like a big bowl of mashed potatoes or a delicious whopping of stuffing. But what if we could morph both traditional sides into one stand-out dish?

Say hello to Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Filing. Combining mashed potatoes with thick pieces of bread (like what you’d use in your stuffing), this side dish is unexpected and comforting.

What Is Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Filling?

Pennsylvania Dutch potato filling is a warm and comforting casserole dish made mainly of potatoes and bread, dating back to the 1700s. Introduced by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania, the dish is well known among people who grew up there.

Allrecipes community member PDAnn writes, “Grew up with this--it wouldn't be a holiday meal without it.” In contrast, others explained this is a family recipe tradition that their grandmothers would use.

“My Dutch grandmother made this filling at Thanksgiving instead of stuffing,” says user judimoy. Reader Dawn notes, “Growing up in Lancaster Co., PA, my grandmother always added 2-3 raw eggs, beaten, to the mashed potatoes.”

It once became a popular filling because it was cost-efficient, and now we think it’s the perfect addition to any big meal today (holiday or not).

How to Make Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Filling

At most, a basic recipe for Pennsylvania Dutch potato filling will call for potatoes, white bread, onion, and celery, along with salt and pepper to taste. However, you can add other items you like, such as butter and milk, to help make this dish extra creamy. 

The best part is that the recipe is an easy one to master. Start by boiling the peeled and chopped potatoes in salted water until tender before draining and mashing. Next, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (177 degrees C), then combine all the ingredients in a big bowl. After mixing the ingredients thoroughly, add to a lightly greased casserole dish and bake for an hour. Voila! 

TikTok's The Outcast Cook made the dish over a campfire, saying, "Imagine if stuffing and mashed ‘taters had a baby."

People have plenty to say about potato filling on social media, with Instagram's savoritwithstacey saying it is a “cozy combination of both mashed potatoes and stuffing” and the “ultimate edible hug for the holidays.” Many others commented on the post, saying the filling is their favorite. One commenter said they were looking for something different to make for the holidays and that this “looks amazing!!!!” Others agreed that this was a Pennsylvania “staple.”

While delicious served as a side, there are other ways to use potato filling. “Filling” is part of the name for good reason, as it can be the stuffing for your Thanksgiving turkey. Add more bread and eggs, and you will have an updated stuffing for your bird.

Regardless of whether or not you have heard about this recipe before, one thing is for sure: it sounds pretty darn yummy. 

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