Meet Mae Muller UK's Eurovision Song Contest act

Mae Muller has been announced as the UK's Eurovision Song Contest act, hear a clip from her song I Wrote A Song.

Video transcript

MAE MULLER: Hey, guys. It's Mae Muller. And I am going to be representing the UK in this year's Eurovision. [SQUEALS] And this is my song.


(SINGING) So mad was gonna cuss you out outside your house for everyone to see. Wanted to trash your Benz. Tell all your friends how cruel you were to me. To me. To me.

Instead, I wrote a song about how you did me wrong. I could have cried at home and spent the night alone. Instead, I wrote a song. I feel much better now. Me and my girls are out and we all sing along. Instead, I wrote a song. [VOACALIZING]