Meet the first trio of Love Islanders - from secret boyfriends to dating disasters

The first episode of Love Island is just a matter of days away with the Mallorcan villa opening its doors to the first 12 contestants who are all hoping to find love.

With the young hopefuls having been announced, one woman who has found herself at the centre of a lot of rumours already is 24-year-old Harriet Blackmore - who allegedly has a boyfriend on the outside. But just before she enters the villa, Harriet has firmly put those rumours to bed.

“I broke up recently with my boyfriend in January," she says. "We remained in contact because we were together for such a long time, and the breakup was quite out of the blue.

"He went away with his friends skiing, and then he came back and broke up with me. At the time he was travelling away a lot, so it wasn’t anything major that happened. So we stayed in contact because we both had questions and wanted closure in that sense. But I definitely don’t have a boyfriend.”

Harriet Blackmore
Harriet denies having a boyfriend as she prepares to go into the villa -Credit:harriblackmorex/Instagram

Harriet reveals she’s good mates with YouTube and Strictly Come Dancing star Saffron Barker, so did she give her any tips ahead of going into the villa?

“She told me to be myself, be the sparkling person I am and they’ll love me - is what she said. Neither of us have had much luck in dating, so she didn’t give me many dating tips.”

As for her ‘type’ Harriet admits there’s one previous Love Islander that ticked all the boxes.

“I used to have a huge crush on Jack Fowler, but I feel like every single girl had a crush on him. Any boy that comes into the villa who’s my type, I’m open to get to know them.”

Mimii Ngulube
Mimii is seeking a real-life connection from Love Island -Credit:mimiitafara/Instagram

Fellow contestant Mimii Ngulube, a 24-year-old nurse from Portsmouth knows exactly what type of man she’s looking for.

“I want a man that is confident,” she explains. “He walks in and he knows exactly what I want. Ideally, I'd want him to have eyes only for me, in an ideal world. I want a man who's sure who's funny, who's confident, mature, but also goofy and fun.”

In a world of online dating Mimii hopes to meet someone and forge a genuine connection.

“I've tried dating and it's clearly not working out for me,” admits Mimii. “I live in a small town, so everyone knows everyone. I've done the dating apps, but again, like I'm more of an in person, connection type of person. On top of that, I've also had uni, so it's been trying to juggle the dating life, and it's not been working out for me.”

Ciaran Davies
Ciaran confesses to a disasterous double date -Credit:ciarandaviesss/Instagram

Mimii prides herself on her ‘honesty’ and says she won’t be blindsided by any man who takes an interest in her. “I'm not gonna be delusional over a man, no, I've done that before and I’m not doing it again!

One man entering the villa is Ciaran Davies and he’s happy to say he’s given dating a good prior to entering Love Island. “I’ve had one dating disaster,” admits Ciaran. "Me and my best mate on a night out, we met two lovely women. So we meet up with them the next day for a double date, we're in this lovely bar, we've had food, and then we're getting the drinks in. It's my time to get the round in. So say to the waitress, "can I have these drinks?" I put my card on, declined. I'm a little bit embarrassed."

Love Island series 11 contestants
Maya Jama is ready to welcome a fresh batch of hopeful singletons to the Love Island villa -Credit:ITV

“I go to my best mate ‘Can you get this round?’ - he goes to pay and his card gets declined. It was like watching a film. Believe it or not, we didn’t hear from them after that!”

The 21-year-old surveyor who hails from South Wales said previously that his biggest claim to fame is pretending to be ex-Love Island winner Liam Reardon on a night out. “From what I know, Liam hasn’t reached out to me,” Ciaran laughs. “But I haven't got my phone on me right now so maybe he has. And if he does, I'll definitely give a message back and say, ‘I owe you a pint, let's go to the pub!’”