Meet the 3 Smart Devices Amazon Will Create If You Preorder Them Now

Anvita Reddy

If you have ever envisioned living in a smart home, that dream might become a reality. Amazon's new Build It program lets you make your favorite device ideas come to life just by pre-ordering them. Sounds cool, right?! The program is super simple. Amazon will share their concepts for new exciting devices for a limited time only. If the device reaches the pre-order goal at or before the deadline, the device will get manufactured, and you will be one of the first customers to get it. If the device does not reach its pre-order goal, you will get your money back. The deadline to pre-order the Day 1 Edition devices and make them into real products is March 19th, 2021 at 8:59 PST .

The Build It program launches with the Smart Cuckoo Clock, the Smart Nutrition Scale, and the Smart Sticky Note Printer. All of these devices will be Alexa compatible, so your home life just got that much easier. Keep reading to find out more about these devices.


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