Meek Mill posts bail for 20 women over Christmas

Meek Mill posted bail for 20 women credit:Bang Showbiz
Meek Mill posted bail for 20 women credit:Bang Showbiz

Meek Mill posted bail for 20 women so they could spend Christmas with their families.

The 35-year-old rap star lent his support to the women last week, explaining that no-one should have to spend Christmas in jail "simply because they can’t afford bail".

He said in a statement: "For families impacted by the criminal justice system, the holidays can be an extremely challenging time.

"No one should have to spend the holidays in jail simply because they can’t afford bail, and no child should be without their parents during this time if we can do something about it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help these women be with their families and loved ones during this special time of year."

Meek's gesture was also explained in an Instagram post on the page of his non-profit REFORM Alliance.

The post read: "The women, who were unable to afford bail, will now be able to spend the holiday season with their families and loved ones. Five women were released today and will be reunited with their families, with the goal of 15 more women being released in the coming week. The women will also each receive a gift card to purchase groceries or gifts for the holidays."

Meanwhile, last year, Meek surprised his grandmother by buying her a brand new home in Philadelphia.

The rap star took to Instagram to share his gran's stunned reaction as she explored the property.

He told his followers: "I did this for my dad and my Grandmom."

Meek showed off the property to his followers, after explaining that his gesture was his way of "looking out" for his grandmother.

She told him that the home is "unreal" and Meek responds by saying, "Appreciate you, grandma."