Why our beauty editor loves Medik8's retinoid eye cream

medik8 eye cream
Why Medik8's retinoid eye cream never disappoints Delmaine Donson//Getty Images

Eye creams can be a challenging sell, especially those that are formulated with retinoids. If you're unfamiliar with this gold-standard ingredient, it's widely extolled for its ability to stimulate cell turnover and boost collagen production.

However, with genuine results comes genuine side effects. We know that retinoids can be strong, and a formula that’s too powerful can cause redness, dryness and irritation. So, finding one that works on the delicate eye area isn't easy.

But if there's one brand that has nailed this tricky task, it's Medik8. The Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye Cream is one of the best we've found for plumping fine lines and reducing the appearance of crow's feat – and, trust us, we've worked our way through many tubes.

Our Medik8 Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye Cream review

Whether you're crying, smiling or squinting, your eyes do a lot more work than you realise, which means the skin around them is more prone to early ageing.

This skin is also much thinner compared to other areas of your body, so sensitivity is a common bugbear. Introducing an eye cream can make a huge difference, but it’s important to find a formula that’s as gentle as it is hard-working.

What impresses us most about Medik8's clever serum is that it’s been sensitively formulated so you can reap the benefits without the downsides. As an extension to the Crystal Retinal range, it promises to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, wrinkles, crepiness and puffiness – and we can confirm it lives up that on all counts.

So, how does it work? There’s no denying that the science is what keeps us coming back. The star ingredient is encapsulated retinaldehyde: it’s a slowly released, stabilised retinoid that delivers hydration and effective results without irritation.

The formula is also boosted with ceramides to ensure hydration on the surface, curbing dryness and sensitivity. Then, to seal the deal, there are hyaluronic acid filling spheres which work to plump out fine lines with moisture.

Since introducing this hero cream into our beauty regimen, we’ve noticed fine lines plump out for a fresher appearance, while the depth and volume of crow’s feet has become less noticeable.

In fact, praise abounds from our senior beauty editor, Alexandra Friend. "I thought this product was unusual for a retinoid in that you don’t have to wait long to see results," she says. "The skin around my eyes looked glossier and less fragile after a couple of weeks. It’s the only eye cream I’ve ever stuck with for longer than that, too. Probably because I get the feeling those results will get better and better – and I’d rarely say that about an eye product."

This lightweight cream sinks in immediately, too – a welcome factor if you don’t like the feeling of rich formulas around your eye. As with any retinoid, we started slowly by only applying a small amount of product, quickly discovering that a tiny dollop equivalent to a grain of rice is all you need, making the price point a little more palatable.

Like the brand’s facial retinoid products, this extension comes in progressive strengths; if you’re super sensitive, start with 3 and then work your way up the ladder to 10. So, no matter your retinoid relationship, this is a risk-free way to introduce the ingredient into your skincare routine.

We know that many eye creams can disappoint, but this is one we truly believe in.

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