McVitie's Is Revamping This ICONIC Product For First Time In 35 Years

new gold bar mcvities
McVitie's Launches First New Gold Bar In 35 Years!McVitie's

Nibbling on the sweet chocolate coating of a Gold Bar really does bring us right back to childhood lunchbox days, even if we're now drinking a coffee on the side instead of an orange juice box.

The iconic chocolate bar has been around since 1988, and now McVitie's is revamping their Gold Bar with a brand-new BILLIONAIRE'S version that sounds absolutely divine.

The Gold Billions Wafer features the golden caramel coating we all know and love, now with the addition of delicious crispy wafer and smooth chocolate cream. Think Gold Bar, but boujee.

gold billions wafer

It's the first time the bar has had a reimagining since it's inception 35 years ago, so it's a pretty big deal for Gold Bar fans.

Ashley Birch-Ruffell, Global Senior Brand Manager at McVitie’s said: “We are excited to introduce a brand-new edition of the iconic Gold bar for the very first time. Gold bars have been a fan favourite since they first launched 35 years ago, and we’re certain that everyone will love this new twist on what is undoubtedly a timeless classic. We’re always looking to delight fans with delicious new treats to try and can’t wait to hear what they think!”

The brand new Gold Billions Wafer bars will be available in Nisa, Spar and other convenience stores for just 60p from this week (hello, bargain chocolate bar), so get yourself down to that corner shop ASAP to get that brand new Gold Bar goodness.