McVitie’s Has Launched Fully Coated Hobnobs And Digestives And They’re Perfect For Dunking

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

You know how chocolate Hobnobs and Digestives are just about the tastiest biscuits ever and couldn’t possibly be improved?

Well, it turns out they could be improved by something so incredibly simple we don’t know why it’s taken so long to happen.

McVitie’s has launched Fully Coated Hobnobs and Digestives, which simply put, means they’re completely covered in chocolate. The top is covered in chocolate and, yup, you guessed it, the bottom is covered in chocolate too.

We first heard the wonderful news when @sweetreviewsuk shared a photo of the biscuits on Instagram with the caption: “SWEET NEWS - @mcvitiesofficial are smashing it at the moment with their NEW launches!

“Only a couple of days ago we posted about their new flavoured Hobnob and Digestives launching this week and now we have seen these NEW Fully Coated Hobnob and Digestives out now in @asda as well.

“Milk chocolate fully coated biscuits, we can only imagine these are going to be amazing to dunk.

“We can't wait to get our hands on all of them to try! 🤤🤤”

Yeah, just think about dunking these in a cup of tea. The dream!

The aforementioned flavoured Hobnobs and Digestives are these new dessert-themed biscuits, which also look like they’d do a hell of a fine job being dunked in a cuppa. Especially the chocolate brownie one.

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