McDonald's Is Introducing A Limited-Time $5 Meal, So I Did The Math For You To See If It's Actually A Good Deal

As everyone knows, fast food prices have gone wayyyy up in the past few years. Like, I shed a little tear every time I pay at the drive-thru.

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In response to customers struggling with rising prices, McDonald's is offering a $5 meal for a limited time starting June 25. The meal includes a 4-piece McNuggets, small fries, small drink, and choice of a McDouble or McChicken sandwich.

$5 Meal Deal: Choose one - a chicken sandwich with lettuce or a burger with cheese and pickles, served with fries, chicken nuggets, and a Coca-Cola
Courtesy McDonald's

At first glance, that's a pretty good amount of food for $5. And since McDonald's is saying that this is a limited-time offer, that's also a signal that we're getting a good deal. But is it worth going out of your way for it?

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Well, here's the math, compared to prices quoted in the McDonald's app in Los Angeles (of course, prices may vary regionally):

McDouble: $3.19 OR McChicken: $2.99

Small fries: $2.89 (with the app, you can get free fries on Fridays)

4-piece McNuggets: $2.99

Small drink: $1.49 (the location near me was doing $1.50 any size drinks)

Total: $10.56 ($10.36 with McChicken, $7.67 with free fries)

So, even if you were getting your food on a Friday and using the app to get a free medium fries, you would still be paying $2.67 more than the $5 deal — but, of course, you would be getting a medium fries instead of a small, and you could get a larger drink for the same price as well. If it's not Friday, you're paying as much as $5.56 more.

Image shows a promotion for free medium fries with a $1 minimum purchase on the McDonald's app
Courtesy McDonald's

It appears that this is kind of a steal of a deal, which is probably why McDonald's isn't committing to offering it indefinitely. Hopefully this helps some families' wallets this summer.