McDonald's Glazed Pull-Apart Doughnuts Exist And They Look Wild

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The McDonald's menu is close to perfect as is, so when they add something new, you know it's going to be as good as the classics. You likely hit up a McDonald's for something salty or savoury, but American McDonald's are adding a new sweet treat: pull-apart doughnuts.

Starting on 1 September, if you live in the US of A, you'll be able to order glazed pull apart doughnuts from the McCafé Bakery. The doughnuts are arriving at Micky D's American locations for the first time right as those lucky guys are gearing up for autumn, which is fitting because who doesn't want a warm dessert as the weather cools down?

Photo credit: McDonald's
Photo credit: McDonald's

Each doughnut is coated in a sweet glaze and is baked into tear apart bites which make it easy to share and easy to eat. For those who definitely want to try the doughnut for themselves, note that these are the first limited-edition offering available at the McCafé Bakery. They join the existing line-up of Apple Fritters, Blueberry Muffins, and Cinnamon Rolls as well as the full American breakfast menu so you can pair the new doughnut with an Egg McMuffin or a McGriddle.

There's no date yet of when the limited-edition offer will expire, so be sure to get to McDonald's as soon after 1 September if you're lucky enough to be reading this in America to ensure you get your hands on a pull apart doughnut. Not that you needed a sign to get McDonald's soon, but here it is anyway.

Fingers crossed we'll get the pull apart doughnuts over here soon too.

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