McDonald's Debuts A Sweet New Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry To Beat The Summer Heat

McDonald's Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry
McDonald's Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry - McDonald's

If you're in the mood for a sweet summer treat, McDonald's has you covered with its newly announced Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry. That's a bit of a word salad, but don't let the long title scare you away from satisfying your sweet tooth. The Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry uses soft serve vanilla ice cream for its base and throws chunks of crunchy Kit Kat bars inside along with strawberry clusters and bits of real banana. Why the company decided to expressly state that only the banana is real is a bit odd, since now we're left scratching our heads wondering what exactly a fake strawberry cluster is -- but we digress.

The new McFlurry flavor is just the latest in the company's line of limited time offerings, so you won't want to wait to get your hands on one before supplies eventually run out. The new dessert is set to hit stores across the nation on July 10, 2024, and could remain available for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The McFlurry is one of the best desserts you can find at McDonald's, and it's nice to see the company experimenting with new takes on an old classic.

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McDonald's Hopes To Entice Customers Back With New Menu Items

Cars in a McDonald's drive thru
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This year's limited edition McFlurry's use of strawberries reminds us a little of last year's limited edition release, the Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry, which also included strawberry clusters. The Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry used pieces of buttery shortbread cookies instead of Kit Kat, and now we get some banana in the mix, but someone on the McFlurry R&D team clearly loves strawberries, and we're here for it.

It's not the only thing the McFlurry team has been working on, though. McDonald's recently announced that it would be reducing its use of plastic by swapping out the iconically chunky McFlurry spoon with a smaller version. That's good news for the environment with little change in the customer experience, which is a win-win in our book. McDonald's is always looking for bigger and better ways to improve on its menu, and 2024 has seen the company specifically focusing on ways to save its customers money.

The recent announcement of McDonald's new $5 meal deal and "Free Fries Friday" are two of the big ways that the company has reacted to rising fast food prices and the inevitable downturn in the number of customers walking through the door. The new Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry isn't attempting to attract customers with a more budget friendly menu item, but it's clear that the McDonald's team is hard at work making sure that the fast food restaurant remains a staple of the American diet.

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