From McDonald’s to Prada, these are the brands that have stopped selling in Russia

Prada. Spotify and McDonald’s have halted operations (Getty)
Prada. Spotify and McDonald’s have halted operations (Getty)

Dozens of the world’s most popular brands have ceased trading in Russia as its war on Ukraine enters its third week.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), two million people have fled Ukraine since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an invasion of the country on 24 February.

Many of the world’s leaders have condemned Russia’s actions. US President Joe Biden described the invasion as an “unprovoked and unjustified attack”, while Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said Russia had violated its obligations under international law.

This week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with Mr Trudeau to discuss sanctions on Russia.

In an announcement on 7 March, Mr Johnson pledged a further £175 million of UK aid to Ukraine. He said £100 million of this will be provided directly to the Ukrainian government.

As governments and private companies around the world rally to support Ukraine, here are the big brands that have suspended operations in Russia.


Ikea has paused all operations in Russia and Belarus. In an announcement on 3 March, Ikea said it would continue to employ and pay its 15,000 workers in both countries.

“The devastating war in Ukraine is a human tragedy, and our deepest empathy and concerns are with the millions of people impacted,” it said.


Starbucks has suspended all business activity in Russia, including shipment of all Starbucks products.

In a statement on 8 March, CEO Kevin Johnson said it will continue to support Russian employees who depend on Starbucks for their livelihood.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola has suspended all business operations in Russia.

“Our hearts are with the people who are enduring unconscionable effects from these tragic events in Ukraine,” the soft drink maker said in a statement.


The Birkin bag maker said it was “deeply concerned” by the situation in Ukraine and had decided to temporarily close its stores in Russia and pause all commercial activities.


Chanel has temporarily paused business in Russia. The French fashion house is no longer delivering to the country, has closed boutiques and has suspended online sales.

“The safety of our employees is our priority and we remain closely connected to our local teams whom we will continue to support,” it said in a statement.


The owner of luxury brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen has temporarily closed stores in Russia “due to growing concern regarding the current situation in Europe”.

“Kering and its Houses will continue to support the local teams and to closely monitor the evolving situation,” a statement said.


The world’s largest cosmetics company, which owns brans including NYX, Redken, Vichy and Urban Decay, has temporarily closed all its stores and counters in department stores.

It said it will continue to support its 2,200 Russian employees.


The owner of Cartier stopped operations in Ukraine on 24 February and suspended all commercial activities in Russia on 3 March.

Condé Nast

Condé Nast, owner of Vogue, Tatler and Vanity Fair has announced the company is suspending its publishing operations in Russia.

“We continue to be shocked and horrified by the senseless violence and tragic humanitarian crisis in Ukraine,” CEO Roger Lynch said in a statement.

“With journalists and editorial teams around the world, it is paramount that we are able to produce our content without risk to our staff’s security and safety. Recently, the Russian government passed new censorship laws that now make it impossible for us to do so.”


The owner of Christian Dior, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Celine confirmed to Reuters that it has temporarily closed its 124 stores in Russia.

The group will continue to pay its 2,500 employees in the country.


Adidas has temporarily closed stores and suspended online sales in Russia. The German sportswear brand said it will continue to pay employees in the country and has donated €1 million (£834,000) to refugee and children’s charities.

The news comes after Adidas suspended its partnership with the Russian Football Union. It had been making kits for both the Russian men’s and women’s national football teams since 2009.


Fast fashion retailer has suspended trading in Russia. In a statement announcing the decision, Asos said its priority is the safety of its colleagues and partners in Ukraine and Russia.

“Immediately following the invasion, ASOS suspended sales in Ukraine as it became impossible to serve customers there,” it said.

“Against the backdrop of the continuing war, ASOS has decided that it is neither practical nor right to continue to trade in Russia, and has, therefore, suspended our sales there. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and all those affected in the region.”


Levi’s has temporarily halted commercial sales in Russia. The denim brand will also donate more than $300,000 (£228,000) to nonprofit organisations providing aid to those impacted by the war.


Netflix has suspended its operations in Russia, cutting all users off from the streaming service.

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” a spokesperson told Reuters.


McDonald’s has temporarily closed its 850 stores in Russia. The fast food giant said it would continue to pay its 62,000 employees in the country.


Pepsi has suspended the production and sale of soft drinks in Russia. It said it will continue to offer daily essential products such as milk, baby formula and baby food.

“By continuing to operate, we will also continue to support the livelihoods of our 20,000 Russian associates and the 40,000 Russian agricultural workers in our supply chain as they face significant challenges and uncertainty ahead,” a statement said.


The beer maker has stopped the production, sale and advertisement of Heineken in Russia.

“We are shocked and saddened to watch the tragedy in Ukraine unfold,” a statement said.

“We stand with the Ukrainian people and our hearts go out to all those affected. The Russian government’s war against Ukraine is an unprovoked and completely unjustified attack.”


Mothercare has suspended business in Russia, including all shipments of products, Reuters reports.


Spotify has closed its office in Russia indefinitely. The streaming service has also restricted the discoverability of shows owned and operated by Russian state-affiliated media.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer has suspended shipments to its stores in Russia, which are operated by Turkish franchise partners, “given the unfolding humanitarian crisis” in Ukraine.


The Italian fashion house has suspended all retail operations in Russia.

“Our primary concern is for all colleagues and their families affected by the tragedy in Ukraine, and we will continue to support them,” it said in a statement.


H&M has temporarily paused sales in Russia. The fashion brand said it is “deeply concerned about the tragic developments in Ukraine and stands with all the people who are suffering.”


The Spanish retailer, which owns popular high street chain Zara, has halted trading in Russia. Inditex has closed its 502 shops and suspended online sales, Reuters reports.


The Hungarian fashion brand has paused all business operations in Russia.

In a statement posted to Instagram, it said “this is an essential action for us during the current situation”.

Burger King

Fast food giant Burger King announced it had “suspended all of its corporate support for the Russian market” on Thursday, after it was named in a list of 50 global brands that continued to operate in the country despite mounting pressure to take a stand against the invasion.

The American burger chain said it would also reject requests for investment and expansion.


Nestle, the world’s biggest packaged foods group, announced that their business operations will be significantly reduced in Russia and all capital investments suspended.


Unilever, which owns more than 400 brands including Hellmann’s, Knorr, Dove and Marmite, has suspended all imports and exports of its products into and out of Russia.

It has also stopped all media and advertising in the country.

Alan Jope, the company’s chief executive, said: “We will not invest any further capital into the country nor will we profit from our presence in Russia.

“We will continue to supply our everyday essential food and hygiene products made in Russia to people in the country. We will keep this under close review.”


Yum! Brands said it was suspending 70 KFC company-owned restaurants in Russia. The company also owns Pizza Hut and said it was finalising an agreement to suspend all 50 Pizza Hut outlets in the country.

However, Yum! has 1,000 KFC restaurants in Russia, many of which are run by franchisees.

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